Are you putting in the work, the extra hours and just can’t seem to get the growth that you really deserve for your business?.

Being on this journey of life as an Entrepreneur or Business Owner is most certainly not the easy road. It can be relentless, unpredictable and challenging at times.

There is no magic pill and to be honest going it alone can make it all seem that much harder.

Our mission at Green Goodness Co since we started has always been to support the wellness community. We do this through building a strong community, providing education and sharing your message through our national platform.

Over the past 4 years, we have offered different support to members and the industry. 2018 has been our biggest year yet going National and launching our Marketing Studio, Social Goodness.

3 Things have become extremely apparent for me last year:

  • A leader needs a clear direction – The digital landscape moves fast, you need to be well informed and have a plan. We have worked with leaders in the health & wellness industry and know that you can’t be on top of everything, you need to prioritise your time and resources and have a strategic plan.
  • Actions will always speak louder than words – Having a strategy or knowing what needs to be done is pointless without actually implementing any of it.
  • The power of community and accountability – Until a few friends and I started our own Mastermind and got serious about making shit happen in our businesses, week on week, I thought this was a luxury. Now it’s a necessity, my business and I cannot live without it.

This realisation, along with the drive to support all wellness businesses in taking their businesses from good to thriving, is how the Ultimate Growth Mastermind came to light. It is the answer for small business owners and entrepreneurs, to give them powerful focus, a strong foundation and a community to leverage and mastermind with.


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This 12 Month Program is designed for you to achieve real success for your business.  The 3 key elements included are:

Custom StrategyWe get you started with an exploration session & create your personal Social Media Strategy which takes into account your entire digital presence. Giving you the clarity and direction you need to accelerate your growth. 

The Mastermind Group – Gain accountability and propel yourself forward each and every week. You will have access to this private group giving you 7-day support, encouragement and the ultimate focus group for your business ideas, challenges, and successes.

Monthly Focus & Challenges – Implementation is paramount and our accountability will get you there. The 12-month program has been set to ensure you stay inspired and grow through action.

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I want this Mastermind to be the best thing you have done in your business. I want to make sure you get every cent of value, but let’s be honest at that price you may just need to bring on 1 new client. (Do you know the lifetime value of a client?). I have made it a no-brainer for the reason I want to make it easy for you to get involved and you get the growth your business deserves.

This Mastermind is for you if:

  • You have a business or brand in the wellness industry
  • You are ready for the ultimate clarity and direction
  • Sharing the next 12 months with like-minded people is where you are at
  • It is time to make a change and commit


GGC-Biz-Mastermind 1 Artwork-11We delve deep into your entire digital marketing strategy and how you are creating success as a brand holistically. Social media is not just a corner of your business but a wonderful intersecting web of elements that touches all areas of how your business functions and performs. By mapping out your personalised success formula, we help you to understand what strategies need to take place for each and every part of the customer journey. What is included in your strategy…

Setting Your Foundation – we provide you with:

  • Refreshed branding for social
  • A personalised 7 day posting schedule
  • Content planning system
  • Scheduling apps to save you time
  • An understanding of how to master each platform
  • A breakdown of your target audience
  • The key pillars that encapsulate your business
  • Outline your objectives and what it looks like to reach them

Creating compelling content – we provide you with:

  • The ins and outs of content & posting
  • Your # strategy
  • What content to post and when  
  • Titles your audience will love
  • Distribution strategies for optimisation
  • Premium content pieces for your conversion strategies

Create an engaged audience – we provide you with:

  • Simple tips to boost engagement
  • Strategies to get your audience loving on you
  • Building local communities
  • Accessing new audiences through collaborations
  • Create raving fans

Making it count with conversions  – we provide you with:

  • Creative campaigns for lead generation
  • How to get started with Facebook advertising
  • Mastering your analytics

You will walk away with:

  • A refreshed bio, updated graphics, and a customised text tile
  • A 7 Day social media posting schedule
  • Templates to help you plan out your content and campaigns, store your ideas and get organised
  • Our digital marketing formula, customised for your business
  • A resource that you can refer back to at any time.


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GGC-Biz-Mastermind 1 Artwork-09

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We look forward to welcoming you to the mastermind. See you on the other side.

If you would prefer to chat first, let’s schedule a call.


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