Instagram stories are the latest social trend to getting information to your followers fast and efficiently.

Stats show that more people are likely to be watching your stories than liking Instagram posts – with social engagement growing as your story views do.

Stories is an easy and effective way to grip your followers on a more authentic and personal level, while still providing a professional business angle.

Insta StoriesHere are our top six tips to using the stories to your advantage and reaping the rewards from it!

  1. Make it personal!

Show your followers moments in your day to day working life – whether it be videos from meetings, boomerangs of things that you’re working on or even just snaps from throughout the working day. The authenticity behind each story and snap is what will drive your audience to seeing that you are more than just a sales based business.

  1. Show off your goods

In similar style to personalisation, showing your products or services with faces behind and infront of the camera shows to your followers that there are people behind the brand, and that the images or clips seen are not just staged.

  1. Use the tap progression to your advantage

A sales tip when using stories is to us the picture tap progression to tell a story, so that people will keep watching and not just drop off after one or two. Building anticipation through using individual images connecting to the same offer or product is key.


  1. Engage with your followers

Asking for feedback, direct messages, opinions and comments is an easy way to create an effective communication flow between the business and the followers. This in turn helps your followers feel involved and connected to your business.

  1. Use it to advertise

If you’re running a competition or have a new product or service to sell use it to your advantage and show it off. Take photos and videos of it in action and really sell it to your viewers. Don’t necessarily badger with every single post, but make them exciting and a must-have.

  1. Be creative

Don’t add the same kind of posts every day, it gets boring! Make your content fresh and exciting everyday – spruce them up with cute and innovative captions, insta stickers, draw over the image or video – it’s up to you! Make it your own!

As always, have fun and enjoy the journey.

Rach xx

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