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We have had the whole business landscape change pretty much change overnight and now it is time to re-group, maybe even reinvent what you offer and how we offer it.  Having the winds of change thrust upon us is most certainly a challenge most of us are having to deal with. I totally get it.

Now more than ever we need to work together and support each other to navigate these unchartered waters while still ensuring life goes on and you keep moving forward in your business while getting steady growth. From Strategy to Mindset everything needs light shedding on it right now.

What a perfect time to rise up and grow. This Mastermind is your opportunity to go all in and come out stronger.


Cultivate Abundance, Energy, and Strength For Your Biz or Brand.

We’ve seen businesses take off and businesses fail to launch, each unique, with its own turbulence and complications. The shared factor in successful businesses? They understand their customer, their offer, and how they can service their audience better than anyone else and they use this to take strategic action that ensures their resources create the most impact possible. Every task that we complete for our business is either growing it or keeping it stagnant – we’ve created The Mastermind to ensure that you’re dedicating your energy and resources to the tasks that fuel your healthy biz.

We are going to take a step back and look at your business holistically, dive in, and understand your customer journey and tailor your personal formula to these. With a little experimenting and a whole lot of creativity, you can create a self-perpetuating cycle of strategic marketing activities that feed each area of your business.

We are here to work with you, to make it as easy as possible to get rid of the fluff and energy miss-spent, to better understand and implement the strategies that get you a good return on your investment.


A truly immersive, 12 Week Program. Customised Strategy, 1:1 virtual coaching, and sacred container. We deep dive into your biz and brand. It’s for the biz, brand, or coach who wants to collapse months into weeks and take their biz to the next level…FAST.⁣

You’ll walk away with:⁣

A potent customised strategy for your brand and biz. Using the 7 energetic areas of your business.Business Chakras”. Cultivating the abundance, energy & results you deserve (using my signature framework I’ve developed after 20 years growing million-dollar brands).⁣ Including a 90 Day Action Plan.

True clarity, confidence, and a sense of empowerment to take your biz to the next level.⁣

6 x powerful 1 Hour 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions to ensure the 90 Day Plan is executed on and optimal results are gained.

Receiving 12 weeks of access to the community where you will have additional group coaching and guest speakers. 

Guest Speakers: 

This Mastermind is for you if you are:⁣

✖️ Unsure what you should be spending time on in your biz.

✖️ Feeling confused about how to market your business in the most optimal way.⁣

✖️ Relying on hope as your strategy and wasting your precious time + energy without a proven strategy that lands big-picture profit.⁣

✖️ Thinking you need coaching to keep you accountable and keep you on task for those things you know will give you the growth.


Beta Special – I’m slashing a MEGA 50% off the price for 7 women (or men) in return for their honest feedback and testimonial. That’s basically free coaching for 3 months.  

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About Your Guide  

My name is Rachel I am obsessed with all things business and marketing while being on a spiritual quest to find peace and love in my heart and see the magic and beauty in everything. As a philosophical soul with a dose of a logical mind, I love to make sense of things and find a better way of understanding simple things. I admit this complicates my life at times but it keeps my creative juices flowing and my passionate energy flowing. I have been in Marketing & Sales for 20 years. I am real, raw, and open and get super excited about working with a diverse range of individuals and brands. I am just so honored to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and energy with you while I combine my passions of business, spirituality, and creativity. 
I am the visionary for 2 amazing businesses supporting Australia’s booming wellness revolution.

Green Goodness Co was born from an identified gap in the market for a go-to wellness hub where people could find local businesses and events, get the latest in healthy trends, and advise they could trust. Now dishing up the goodness nationally you will find the team anywhere between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth putting together curated news on real food, fitness, wellness, health, mindfulness & green beauty. 
Through working with these talented and inspired wellness brands & businesses and receiving countless requests for advice on growing a brand in this space and taking on their marketing quests we promptly created the brand Social Goodness, a holistic marketing studio. With a team of superstars working on creative endeavors such as brand styling, curating your social media, and building websites. We are now the trusty ideas machine for the full spectrum of content creation and strategic direction possibilities.
I look forward to welcoming you to the mastermind. See you on the other side.
In love & goodness,
Rach xx

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