In the world of online marketing a new game changer is the Instagram Pod.

Now, when you hear the term “Instagram Pod” you’re probably just as confused as I was to begin with, but now that I know the ins and outs I’m wondering how I ever used Instagram for business without them!

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In the long run, the comments will attract more engagement because potential new followers will see the genuine comments as making the accounts seem more influential than they maybe are – sneaky sneaky, but it works!

While being part of an Instagram pod does take some dedication and commitment – and making sure you’re showing the other members that you’re just as interested in giving help as you are receiving it for your own account as they are – in the long run, it will do your business a world of good and make long lasting connections.

Believe it or not, engagement for the sake of engagement is not the main purpose of these pods. The real goal in joining a pod is to build a stable and encouraging community with like-minded individuals – the benefits you receive as a result are a bonus. 

So keep all of this in mind when you join or create your own pod and it will be sure to be a success for you and your fellow poddies!

As always, have fun and enjoy the journey.

Rach xx


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