rachel goodness project 19What a time to be alive March 2020 has turned out to be. Lucky us small business owners are resilient and brilliant.

It is all I am hearing about, it is all over the TV, radio, social media feeds and the topic of every conversation. I am not writing this blog to push my opinions on you about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and how we should be handling this challenge. I am simply here to chat about what we can be doing in a time like this in our business.

Here are my top 5 Things Business Owners have the opportunity to do to keep calm, take care of your clients and see any opportunities that will arise.

  1. Take a deep breath, stay grounded and calm. Assess the risks and make all the modifications and changes to your businesses that you need to. It is all about making rational decisions.
  2.  Your community needs you to be a leader, your family needs you to be a leader and your clients, staff, and shareholders need you to be a leader and create certainty and be someone who is creating hope, a clear path forward and how we will tackle this challenge together. This does not mean you need to have it all worked out. Just lead with your heart and love and not with fear.
  3. If you have an in-person business, run events, workshops. My recommendation is for you to enjoy the time to not be tied to your premises. Give your clients the same opportunity to connect with you online. Set up Zoom Calls, Classes, and Workshops, etc.  You can still have a price attached to these and not lose all of your income because you can’t offer the same as you did before. We are all going to need to be creative on how we can still help our community at this time. If you are a yoga teacher and can’t do the classes in persona anymore use Zoom or some other online service. If you have a practice – take it online too. Offer Zoom calls/sessions instead. Workshops and retreats can be all done online too.
  4. Start a new online program. Have you been wanting to create a new online offering but haven’t had the chance as you have been too busy. Or maybe you have been wanting to create a new offering. Whatever it is. This is the perfect opportunity to give birth to that idea. You may have 2 – weeks of downtime are you going to make this time count?.
  5. Get a plan stan. Yep, something super basic will do. Make the assumption that you will be out of action for 4 weeks for example.
    • What will you do personally to keep your mindset on track, physically and emotionally?
    • What can and will you work ON in your business?? Strategy, Content, A Program, Systemising, Planning? Procedures???
    • Who will you speak to? your team, family, friends? An accountability buddy?
    • What will you be learning? What a great time to be learning something new. I have just signed up for a new 3-month course.

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