I have carefully curated Sales + Marketing Fest. A potent day to influence your business on every level. From Growth Strategies, Nurture sequences, and powerful campaigns to Illuminating your Brand in Canva. I cover all platforms to break it down for you to feel confident and empowered to execute with ease.

Every task that we complete for our business is either growing it or keeping it stagnant – I’ve created The Sales + Marketing Fest to ensure that you’re dedicating your energy and resources to the tasks that fuel your healthy biz.

Run don’t walk… clear your diary. Take the day off work. Get your clients and family organised early. Don’t miss this. I am so excited for you to attend this day.

How it will go down:

Growth Marketing  – 9.00am – 12noon

We get juiced to understand what it takes then personalise a strategy just for you.

  • Monetization Models
  • Retention & Growth Strategies
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Content Quadrant + Planning
  • Sales Processes
  • Lead Generation
  • List Building + Email Campaigns
  • KPI’s

Marketing With Canva – 1pm – 3pm

Taking that clarity and strategy we then elevate your brand with a masterclass in Canva, putting those well-curated plans together with building world-class assets.

  • Brand Assets
  • Create new templates
  • Instagram Stories, Posts and more
  • Content pieces
  • Personalised presentations
  • Ebooks + Opt-ins

Your Secret Weapon: Your List – 3pm – 5pm 

You will be pulling out all the stops to grow your list, convert clients, make sales, and have a plan and template ready to go with a Mailchimp tutorial to make it ridiculously easy.

  • Growing Your List
  • Email Campaigns
  • Mailchimp Templates
  • Planning your Communications


This Sales + Marketing Fest is for you if:

  • You have been working hard in your wellness business but not getting the results you deserve
  • You are confused as to what to do to grow your business effectively
  • Saving money on designers sounds good
  • You are ready to make money off your list
  • You are wanting to get some fresh eyes on your business
  • Want to attract new clients effortlessly

 Secure your spot now

Day: Saturday 15th August 2020
From: 9 am – 5 pm
Location: The Happiness Hub – 1/484Albay Hwy Victoria Park

Day Pass is Best Value @$157

Individual Tickets available $66 each (Not that I would recommend missing out on anything on offer)

With a career in marketing & sales for 23 years, and for the last 6 been living the breathing the wellness community here in Australia. I am lucky enough to work with some of Australia’s pioneers in Wellness as well as the fastest-growing startups in multiple categories. I am truly blessed with the insight this has brought and I am passionate about sharing what that wisdom wit you.

Can’t wait to share the day with you.

In love & goodness,

Rach x



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