Ignite Your Inner Light

Sunday 19th January 2020 || 8 am – 2pm
Zsuzsa Octaviano | Julian Silburn | Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot | Matt Bruce
Stackwood | Fremantle

An indulgent day to immerse your senses and your soul on this journey with sacred ceremony, ancient sounds, soulful scent, movement, and mantra.

Deeply nourish your body on a cellular level while fanning the flame that is ready to shine brighter. Your next evolution.

A Day For You// This day has been carefully curated to ensure some time is carved out to set up the new year and the new decade in the most perfect way.  Within this warehouse in Fremantle filled with luscious plants, a sacred container is created by a few hand-picked amazing and talented souls who will share their gifts. So rarely are we ever given the opportunity to be held and nurtured so deeply. Your only requirement is to surrender into the present moment and journey with each of these elements to ignite the light, love, and peace that resides so gracefully within.

“let yourself unravel,

deeper into the 

unknown parts of you.

let your higher self

reveal slowly,

gently you are illuminated” 



The Line-Up//

Morning Movement, Meditation & Mantra 

Yoga as a prayer of the body, yet it is the most beautiful science of the soul.

The morning practice is to lead you into a state of surrender and grace.

Zsuzsa invites you into a state of devotion and inquiry into your highest way of being. A way to energetic imprint the day with at the art of intention.

  • beginning with a luscious flow to serenade the body into its aliveness.
  • a powerful kundalini kriya to transform the body and spirit and all levels.
  • a meditation to integrate your inner awakening.

Breathwork + Meditation

Matt will hold you as you explore yourself through a powerful dynamic meditation! Through the use of breath and body, we can unlock our true human potential. If that was not enough his goddess partner Ruth and Matt will be combining energy work in the form of a blessing for whatever your body mind and soul should desire at that moment!

Cacao Ceremony + Sound Healing 

Starting with a Cacao Ceremony we welcome the spirit of cacao and to bless our journey with the spirit of this plant medicine. Sipping on the ceremonial cacao commences our shamanic journey supported with a sacred soundscape to invoke energies of healing, wellbeing, peace, and creativity.

 We are blessed to be infusing the energy of two powerful men and their gifts to facilitate our sacred cacao ceremony and sound journey. It will be both be potent and truly magical. Get ready for this vibrational upgrade.
The Talent//

Zsuzsa Octaviano –   Zsuzsa provokes you to explore the facets of your freedom within your mind, body, and soul. In devotion to stillness, movement, nourishment, and creativity. Zsuzsa’s a cosmic rule bender for the bold and the brave, Zsuzsa elevates hearts and minds through essential oils, mentoring young entrepreneurial women, special events and of course, Kundalini Yoga

Julian Silburn –  Sound Alchemy with Julian Silburn.  Julian has devoted his life to Sound Healing and is known for his work nationally and internationally. Julian has learned Yidaki, (Didjeridu) directly from Aboriginal people around Australia including Arnhemland (where the Yidaki originates), and has been playing for more than 28 years. He mainly uses the instrument in its traditional way for meditation, sound therapy and for ceremony.

Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot  – Sound Healing Facilitator. His passion is to weave together nature, spirit and the human being through prayer, sound and performance art. He has trained in Shamanic, Esoteric, Buddhist and Vedic spiritual traditions.
Matt Bruce – Meditation Facilitator.  As a Soldier of 10 years, I am empowered through my own PTSD journey to share my experiences with others. My healing journey has been deep and in this, I have transformed myself to help guide others. Love yourself to love others.

Who is this event for // This event is for you if:

  • You are curious about sound healing or breathwork
  • Breathwork and sound healing is your jam and you will be sleeping out for a ticket
  • You are a giver and OMG yes it’s time to fill up your cup
  • You are wanting to try different things
  • Someone brought you a ticket and you thought worst case scenario I can sleep all day and people will just think I am meditating

Inclusions + Venue //Stackwood, 10 Stack Street, Fremantle – Ample Parking. We have got your snacks and lunch sorted so prepare your taste buds for the goodness. Vegan, GF & DF options will be available.

Community  // Just know that if you come alone you will be welcomed with open arms and you are an important part of our community so please don’t be shy. I rarely go to events with people so I know the feeling. If you come with someone you will still be welcomed with open arms and we encourage you to reach out and meet new people. Connection is such a beautiful part of these events and growing your soul family.

It will be an honor to share the space with you and it is my wish and intention that you not only have an amazing day with the beautiful people you will meet but you will be touched deeply by each of the elements as I have been in the past and so excited to bring the magic to you.

** Early Bird Ticket Sales END 22nd December 2019 **

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Our mission at Social Goodness is for you to Illuminate your light, the infinite spark. Cultivating more love for self, joy in your days and peace in your heart.


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