The Goodness Project – Anti Social


 Perth’s Biggest Wellness Collaboration

Tuesday 10th March 2020 // 6:00pm – 8:30pm
Feld & Co – Booragoon

Are you in the Wellness & Fitness Industry? We are calling all business owners who are wanting to grow and expand their network in their community. You are invited to join us…

We have created an incredible evening under the stars and lights at Feld & Co. Giving you the opportunity to network with your tribe and hear from 2 amazing entrepreneurs who are leaders in the Perth wellness space as they take the mic and share on the topic of Anti-Social. We have plenty of time for you to connect with fellow business owners in the industry, talk about your goals and your vision as you enjoy some delicious and nourishing food and drinks.

Social Media has been a hot topic for long enough!! Let’s get off our phones, look up and see the opportunities around us. Make 2020 a year to focus being anti-social. We want you to thrive with old school relationships, networking, connections, sales, partnerships, and events.
I see too many business owners thinking that social media is the Holy Grail, Believing it will be the “thing” to take their business to the next level or give them the success they desire. I am calling BS on that. I travel the country meeting business owners who get success through a variety of ways:

  • Having an incredible product/offering
  • Understanding how to create an amazing brand
  • Have a commercial mindset around their business
  • Building and continuing to grow their database and see it as an asset
  • Communicating with their clients on email regularly and have nurture sequences in place
  • Attending events and building relationships
  • Collaborating with like-minded business owners
  • Showcasing their products or services at expos and events
  • Having an effective sales strategy that covers each interaction and point of contact with their business
  • Using Social Media effectively to engage their audience and grow their exposure
  • Have highlighted their top opportunities for distribution and exposure
  • Knowing their numbers and making sure they get a good return on their efforts

I have chosen these 2 incredible speakers that I personally look up to in the Wellness Industry. They each have different businesses and ways of doing business, however, you will find they are all brilliant at forging new connections, bringing together a community and don’t shy away from sales. Yes, they are naturally good at marketing and social media but they know how to drive their business with relationships and exceptional communication. These thriving business owners will each be sharing their secrets on the things that attribute to their thriving businesses.

🎤 Natalie Baldock
Natalie will share how the magic of connection, casting vision and holding space for women to feel safe can create a growing community, one of strength and love.

🎤 Amy Chen
Amy will speak on the topic of strategic partnership and creative collaborations. While social media is an important aspect of every business, at the end of the day it is only “borrowed space” that your business does not own. Amy believes that Bare & Wilde’s products and service offerings have grown and evolved as a direct result of the partnerships and collaborations the brand was involved in.

This is a HOT TOPIC… our last event Sold Out and we only have limited seats so don’t miss out. Secure your ticket now.

Learn more about our Speakers:


Natalie Baldock – Natalie Baldock has had over 20 years of sales experience and has always risen to the top in a host of different industries. In the past 10 years, she has had a strong focus on wellness and has led a team of over 1500 to create an additional stream of income through a unique product line. She is the founder of the Love Lab & Co, a woman in business event with a focus on vulnerability leading to strength. She runs a small social enterprise out of Uluwatu in Bali and is an IIN Health coach teaching women how to eat and live a better life. In essence what Natalie Baldock is known for is her power to connect and raise women up into the highest potential.

Amy Chen – Amy Chen is a corporate professional turned creative and entrepreneur. Amy is the founder of Bare & Wilde, a health and wellness community all about bringing the fun in luxury wellness – bringing together an engaged community over its seasonal wellness subscription boxes, e-boutique housing over 40 brands and high-vibing wellness events & retreats. Recently, Amy also co-founded Kindred Lane Studio, a co-working and wellness studio space for creatives in Booragoon. Since delving into the wellness industry in 2017, Bare & Wilde has worked with over 200 brands through strategic partnerships and creative collaborations.


We can’t wait to welcome you to this event.
In love & goodness,
Rach xx

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Our mission at Social Goodness since we started has always been to support the wellness community. We do this by building a strong community, providing education and sharing your message through our national platform.


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