Do you remember the day you started your business or conceived the idea?. For many, your business is your baby and something you are very proud of. From birthing your idea into the world, your business has its own unique intricacies and it’s own rare and delicious energy. It would also have blockages in some areas and flow in others.

 The western world has taken on several eastern philosophies and practices and the chakra system is one that I am confident you would have heard of. Chakras are points in a body where energy can get blocked. The word Chakra is Sanskrit for ‘wheel’ as the energy cycles through us.

 Could it be that the very chakra system that helps demystify our energetic body be used for business also? To create an infinite flow of energy and tap us into the source itself?. I think so?.

Recently I was putting together a mastermind and strategy for some beautiful clients and it became so clear that each moving part of business needed to be taken into consideration to truly get the lasting results my clients deserved. As everything touches everything, nothing could be missed. So one thing led to another and I have linked a few things together and saw a web of underlying systems, strategies, and connections. Essentially by taking all the elements that make a brand successful plus all the elements that make a business thrive, I created the Business Chakras.

The Mastermind Workbook (2)

 I would love you to join me in my online workshops – contact me [email protected] for more info.  In this upcoming workshop, I will be uncovering the 7 Chakras and how to get your business flowing with each energy center representing a critical business activity for greater expansion, awakening, and growth.
Also, I have just launched  “The Mastermind” which uses these energy centers to power a potent 12 weeks together to get things flowing for your business.
I look forward to seeing you soon.

About Your Guide  >>>>>  Rachel Dowdy
DSC_5112-2 (1)My name is Rachel I am obsessed with all things business and marketing while being on a spiritual quest to find peace and love in my heart and see the magic and beauty in everything. As a philosophical soul, I love to make sense of things and find a better way of understanding simple things. I admit this complicates my life at times but it keeps my creative juices flowing and my passionate energy flowing. I am far from being one of the most enlightened beings on the planet, I am very real, raw, and open about who I am and what brings me here. I am just so honored to have had this idea gifted to me and marry my passions of business and spirituality as it will allow me to dive deeper into the light. 
I am the visionary for 2 amazing businesses supporting Australia’s booming wellness revolution.

Green Goodness Co was born from an identified gap in the market for a go-to wellness hub where people could find local businesses and events, get the latest in healthy trends, and advise they could trust. Now dishing up the goodness nationally you will find the team anywhere between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth putting together curated news on real food, fitness, wellness, health, mindfulness & green beauty. 
Through working with these talented and inspired wellness brands & businesses and receiving countless requests for advice on growing a brand in this space and taking on their marketing quests we promptly created the brand Social Goodness, a holistic marketing studio. With a team of superstars working on creative endeavors such as brand styling, curating your social media, and building websites. We are now the trusty ideas machine for the full spectrum of content creation and strategic direction possibilities.

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